Will the arm become thicker and thicker after depilation? What is the good method of arm depilation?

As a fairy with many hairy stars, there are a lot of hairs on her arms. The naked eye on the arm is covered with sweat, and the thin and dense layer is covered with sweat. From the arm down to the wrist are sweat, looking at the hair is very annoying. How can I get rid of these annoying hairs?

Does it hurt to take off your arm?

Laser hair removal is a hair removal method with less pain. Before laser hair removal, there will be a “irradiation test” stage to determine the patient’s pain. The results of many clinical trials show that most patients only feel “bounced by a rubber band”, and the pain is within an acceptable range.

Laser hair removal

Will laser hair removal affect the perspiration function?

No, the sweat of human body mainly depends on small sweat glands, while laser hair removal is to sweep hair follicles. Hair follicles and sweat glands are two independent tissues respectively. Hair grows from hair follicles, while sweat glands are next to hair follicles. The two are not the same thing. Therefore, it will not hurt the sweat glands and will not affect the perspiration function.

Will laser hair removal burn the skin?

During laser hair removal, the selective heating principle of laser makes it only work on melanin in the growth period and will not burn normal skin. Because the laser is a kind of thermal light source, improper operation or unqualified laser instrument may burn the skin. It is necessary to choose a regular medical institution for operation by a professional doctor.

Can laser depilation have radiation?

In fact, laser is not a radiation material, it belongs to laser light source. Through the action of light and heat, the hair follicles are destroyed to achieve the purpose of hair removal. Therefore, laser hair removal will not have radiation.

Why take off your arm several times?

Because the growth cycle of hair is divided into growth period, degenerative period and stationary period, laser has no obvious effect on the hair in degenerative period and stationary period. The effect is obvious only when these hair enter the growth period. Therefore, laser hair removal requires multiple treatments.

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