Will it grow again after laser depilation

Many beauty seekers are plagued by endless repeated shavings, allergies to depilation products, and the pain of tearing the skin during depilation. The traditional method can only remove the hair stem growing outside the skin, so there will be the phenomenon of repeated hair removal but repeated growth. And some methods are also easy to damage the skin and even cause skin allergy.

To achieve a more lasting hair removal effect, we should start from the “root” – hair follicle. This is why laser hair removal has a good effect and once and for all. The melanin tissue in the hair follicle is the target tissue of laser treatment. Using the selective photothermal action principle of laser, it directly passes through the skin surface to the hair follicle at the root of hair. The light energy is absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicle and converted into heat energy, so as to destroy the hair follicle tissue and make the hair lose the regeneration ability without damaging the surrounding tissues. It can not only completely remove the thick hair in the arms, legs, armpits and other conventional parts, but also have outstanding performance in removing the small light colored hair, such as lip hair, facial villi, regrowth hair after multiple depilation, etc.

Emerald Laser “takes off” the burden and makes it refreshing

Among a variety of laser hair removal instruments, the effect of emerald laser hair removal selected by the laser plastic and beauty center of the air force general hospital is particularly prominent. Alexandrite laser hair removal system is known as a new generation of “fast and safe hair removal” laser. It integrates the four therapeutic advantages to provide a faster and more comfortable hair removal experience for beauty seekers.

Ideal laser wavelength

Laser hair removal must meet two important conditions: first, the laser can be fully absorbed by the pigment tissue in the hair follicle; Second, the laser can effectively pass through the skin to the position of the hair follicle. The wavelength of alexandrite laser is 755nm, which is in the near-infrared region of the spectrum. Melanin is well absorbed and can penetrate into the deep layer of dermis. It acts on hair follicles in different parts and depths, effectively removing hair in any part and depth of the human body.

The treatment is fast and simple

The emerald laser therapeutic instrument has a large 18mm circular light spot, which is 4-5 times faster than the speed of ordinary laser depilation, which not only makes large-area depilation simple, but also reduces the depilation time and treatment times.

Ensure safe and comfortable process

Alexandrite laser treatment uses a unique global patented cooling system to avoid epidermal burns and skin cross infection that may be caused by “contact cooling”. It not only effectively protects normal skin from thermal damage and reduces pain, but also increases treatment energy and improves curative effect, making treatment safer and more comfortable.

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