CO2 Fractional Laser

Why do people like laser hair removal now?

Principle of depilation: extended selective photothermal decomposition. The outer hair root sheath in the hair follicle is rich in melanosomes, which can selectively absorb the energy of laser or photon and be damaged, resulting in the complete shedding of hair roots.

Hair physiology: hair growth is divided into growth period (3 years), degenerative period (3 days) and quiescent period (3 months). The three periods are repeated. Laser or photon is only effective for growing hair, but not for degenerative and quiescent hair. Generally speaking, the hair in the growth period accounts for 1 / 5 to 1 / 3. Therefore, the hair can be completely removed only after laser or photon treatment for about 5 times. If you can’t insist on completing all the courses, the residual dermal papilla may sprout again, resulting in the embarrassing situation of “endless wildfire and spring breeze”.

Treatment cycle: once in 1-2 months, about 4-6 times. After treatment, you can take a bath without rest.

Depilation efficiency: about 85% – 95%. Thick hair can be almost eradicated, and the remaining hair is thin.

Choice of depilation: Generally speaking, hairline, armpit hair, beard, bikini and thick hair on limbs are suitable for semiconductor laser depilation;

Lip hair, fine hair on limbs, suitable for photon hair removal;

Postoperative nursing points: apply cold compress for 20-30 minutes immediately and cool down completely; If it is red and swollen, it can be coated with Curtin (3 days) and Recombinant Human Epidermal Growth Factor Gel (7 days). You can take a shower, not a bath or sauna; No exposure to the sun (many beauties in hair removal have learned a painful lesson after bathing in the sea), be sure to apply sunscreen (SPF > 30, PA > + +); Taboo for 1 week (spicy, wine).

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