Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

Why choose laser hair removal?

Before laser hair removal, I used various methods, such as beeswax, blade and so on. After that, I need to deal with the aftermath and moisturize well. The most important thing is that I come back a few weeks after hair removal. It’s really annoying again and again. So, I want to find a permanent hair removal method. Last year, I also shared with you the choice of hair removal, but at that time, it was superficial and almost passed by. The baby I want to see offered a link to you these common hair removal methods in summer. What kind of hair removal method is most suitable for you?

Honey wax depilation can be relatively clean, which is the feeling of being very bare, but the problem is that it really hurts. It doesn’t grow back so fast, but it will grow back in the end. This method is a disaster for sensitive muscles. Don’t try it easily.

With the blade, there is no pain, but it grows super fast and is prone to redness and tingling. It is possible that the hair will grow into the meat. Anyway, it will start to feel uncomfortable in a few days.

Laser hair removal will also be subdivided into freezing point, laser, pulse hair removal and so on according to different methods and machines. However, laser hair removal can not be completed at one time. It basically takes 5-6 times to feel significantly reduced. The first time I depilated with freezing point and took off my armpits, I really found that the hair became very thin, soft and light a few weeks later, but unfortunately, after I used up the blade, I began to grow back black hair. Now after three times, it basically grows very slowly.

The principle of laser hair removal is to use laser for dark hair to completely destroy hair follicles and prevent hair from growing again. The light energy of the laser is converted into heat energy, which will indirectly damage the cells of hair growth. These cells are very close to the pigment cells in the hair, causing the hair to fall off and no longer grow back. Because the laser targets the pigment, the success rate is the highest for people with dark hair and light skin, so the laser can identify it quickly. Because the laser is only aimed at the hair color, not the color of our skin, it may burn the skin.

For people with light skin color and light hair color, or dark skin color and dark hair color, it is not suitable for laser hair removal, because the laser can not accurately aim at the hair.

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