What side effects does laser depilation have? Will laser hair removal grow again?

For the long-term hair removal method – laser hair removal, beauty seekers are often more concerned about whether it can last and whether there will be any side effects? Let’s talk about laser hair removal.

Principle of laser hair removal

Based on selective photothermal action, melanin is used as the target color base to absorb energy, destroy hair follicles, destroy hair matrix and prevent hair regeneration.

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal needs to adhere to treatment, which can not solve the problem at one time: laser hair removal needs to adhere to treatment according to the course of treatment, because there are three periods of hair growth: growth period, quiescent period and degenerative period. Laser energy is mainly absorbed by pigment particles and plays a role. There will be a large number of pigment particles in the hair and hair follicle in the growth period. Therefore, laser can eliminate the hair in the growth period, while there are relatively few pigments in the hair and hair follicle in the degenerative and quiescent periods, and the therapeutic effect of laser is relatively weak. This part of hair needs to be transferred to the growth period before laser treatment can play a role.

About 80% of normal human hair is in the growth stage. Therefore, laser hair removal generally needs to be treated 3 ~ 5 times or even more.

Advantages of laser hair removal

Compared with other hair removal methods, laser hair removal has obvious advantages:

The front row has little damage. Its energy mainly acts on hair follicles and hair stems. Therefore, it has no trauma to the surrounding normal skin tissue.

The second is that the pain is small. In order to achieve the purpose of treatment, the hair follicle needs to receive enough laser ability to destroy the hair follicle. Therefore, there will be some pain in the treatment, such as a small sense of acupuncture or burning, which can be tolerated.

The third is the lasting effect. Laser hair removal can maintain a stable and lasting effect, which is commonly known as “permanent hair removal”. Many people mistakenly believe that “permanent depilation” is completely “absolutely hair”. In fact, “permanent depilation” refers to the appearance of some inconspicuous villi in the depilated part.

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