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What kinds of hair removal technology? Freezing point depilation does not destroy hair follicles

Scientific and technological hair removal refers to the project that can only be done in hospitals or professional beauty salons. It is the technology to remove hair through technical means. Let’s take a look at the types of scientific and technological hair removal? Freezing point depilation does not destroy hair follicles.

What kinds of hair removal technology

  1. Laser hair removal

Price: 100-300 for a single time, 1000-2000 for each course of treatment

It uses the selective photothermal effect of laser to make the laser with specific wavelength pass through the epidermal layer, so that the melanin in the hair follicle can selectively absorb this laser, resulting in thermal effect, necrosis of hair follicle and no growth of hair follicle. It is permanent.

  1. Photon hair removal

Price: 200-500 for a single time, 2000-4000 for each course of treatment

This depilation method can be said to be an upgraded version of laser depilation, which is also relatively safe and effective. It uses the principle that melanin in hair follicles can absorb light of specific bands to rapidly increase the temperature of hair follicles, and finally solidify and necrosis, and your body hair will be removed.

  1. Freezing point depilation

Price: 300-600 for a single time, 3000-5000 for each course of treatment

Freezing point painless hair removal uses a specially designed double pulse laser, which does not burn the hair follicle. It only needs to raise the temperature of the hair follicle to 45 degrees and maintain it for a very short time. Generally, depilation at freezing point needs 3-5 times, with an interval of about 2 months. Because the growth of hair is periodic, only the hair in the growth period has high melanin content and good hair removal effect.

Is laser hair removal safe

It’s still relatively safe. Laser hair removal will act on the hair follicle at a fixed point and only destroy the hair follicle. Although it sounds a little idealistic, we still need some confidence in the development of modern science and technology.

But there are also precautions and side effects. For example, after depilation, you should also pay attention to avoiding light. Scar constitution and skin diseases may not be suitable for depilation. If the side effects are reported in the literature, there are redness, swelling, color depression, scars, etc., but they are relatively rare, and many will subside by themselves. On the whole, depilation is a safer project.

However, the most important thing is to find a regular medical institution to do it (this is true for all medical and aesthetic plastic surgery projects), and consult a doctor in advance about possible side effects.

What is photon hair removal

Photon hair removal adopts the principle of selective photopyrolysis of strong pulse light source, and uses the absorption of melanin cells in hair follicles to generate heat in hair follicles, so as to selectively destroy hair follicles and avoid damaging surrounding tissues, so as to achieve the effect of hair removal.

Advantages of photon hair removal:

Fast speed, less pain and complete effect

Suitable people for photon hair removal:

  1. Congenital hirsutism: hirsutism in normal or abnormal parts caused by genetic, racial and endocrine disorders.
  2. Hirsutism: endocrine disorders cause women to grow thick hair similar to men.
  3. Beauty purpose: improve personal image.

Basic principle of freezing point depilation

Freezing point laser hair removal adopts 810nm semiconductor laser of laser hair removal gold standard. Through specially designed double pulse laser, it only irradiates the skin with low energy density, and heats the skin tissue and hair follicle through the first laser pulse of the epidermis. The second pulse selectively raises the hair follicle temperature to about 45 degrees. The sliding 10Hz laser ensures that the hair follicle maintains this temperature for a period of time, and the hair follicle and growth stem cells lose growth activity, so as to achieve the purpose of long-term hair removal.

The biggest difference in mechanism between freezing point depilation and traditional laser depilation is that traditional laser depilation requires instantaneous high-energy burning of hair follicles, while freezing point depilation gently makes hair follicles automatically lose activity, so it can achieve the purpose of long-term depilation without over stimulating the skin and avoiding pain or risk.

Advantages: the advantages of ice contact hair removal: the laser has good absorption of melanin and can effectively remove the hair of any part and depth of the human body; There is no pigmentation after treatment, which is more suitable for Oriental skin. It cools the skin epidermis of the treatment part to 5 degrees, which can not only effectively protect the normal skin from damage, but also achieve permanent hair removal. It is fast, effective, safe, painless, without traces and side effects, and can make the skin smooth and delicate, which is unmatched by any other hair removal technology.

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