What is the process of laser hair removal?

We are more concerned about whether it will hurt, but the answer is yes. There is another one. However, compared with beeswax, this one is nothing. Because it operates quickly, you end the pain before you carefully experience it. The pain feels like a hot rubber band bouncing on you.

My tolerance is good, so I think the pain is acceptable, but everyone’s threshold is different, so the experience will be different, but anyway, it will be easier to bear than wax depilation.

The time of the whole process depends on the size of your depilation part. For example, some people may depilate their lips in less than a minute. If they are limbs, it may take 30-40 minutes. I took off my armpit. The whole process may take less than ten minutes. I also have time to see it, but I feel it is relatively fast.

What should I pay attention to after depilation? How long will it work?

In fact, there is no special care that needs to be paid attention to after laser. There is no special care that affects the life level. If there is tingling or redness, you can apply hydrogenated ointment for a few days. Avoid direct sunlight for 24 hours.

The effect can be seen on the spot, but it will continue to grow in a few weeks, but it grows slowly and thin, so don’t worry. Hair below the neck usually needs to be depilated again after 45 days. After 6 treatments, the hair can be reduced by 75% or permanently depilated.

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