You must not know the laser beauty 10 mistakes

  Laser cosmetology is more and more accepted and recognized. However, the lack of understanding and even misunderstanding of laser beauty, let some people stop in front of it to become beautiful. Today we really understand laser beauty, get rid of the following 10 misunderstandings:

  Wear protective clothing for laser radiation.

  Many beauty seekers worry that laser treatments will bring radiation. However, when you walk into the laser center of the plastic surgery hospital, you will find that the doctor is not actually wearing protective clothing. Because the wavelength of the laser used in medical cosmetology belongs to the category of surgical laser, there is no radiation. The laser equipment used in the treatment is a very high energy laser, so the treatment involves wearing special wavelength and light density glasses, which are designed specifically to protect our eyes, not to prevent radiation.

  There’s only one laser treatment.

  Without consulting a doctor, most people think laser surgery is one of many beauty programs, but it’s actually a category. Every major cosmetic hospital has several laser therapy devices with different wavelengths and pulse widths, exfoliating and non-exfoliating, dot matrix and non-dot matrix, playing different therapeutic roles.

  Laser beauty can be done once and for all.

  Laser cosmetology is different from surgery, plastic surgery, can not once and for all to bring cosmetic effects. Because skin aging is a natural process of human growth, beauty can not stop people from aging. So people need to update their ideas before doing medical cosmetology. Laser freckle removal is not a problem that can be solved by a treatment. General laser freckle removal in clinical need of 1 ~ 5 times of treatment, every 2 treatment interval 1 ~ 2 months or so.

  Pigmentation indicates treatment failure.

  Pigmentation is a common adverse reaction after laser treatment. Most experts believe that this phenomenon is secondary pigmentation after inflammation, and may be related to individual factors, such as too much sun exposure, too dark skin after treatment. Pigmentation is normal after laser freckle removal. Try to avoid the sun after treatment. Oral vitamin C and topical hydroquinone can relieve pigmentation, which usually subsides after six months.

  Laser freckle removal can completely cure melasma.

  After treating for many times, laser really can have very good therapeutic effect to a few spots, such as freckles, senile spots, etc., but freckles are a disease closely related to heredity, so theoretically speaking, the possibility of recurrence after treatment. Some beauty seekers may relapse after treatment for senile plaques. As for chloasma, lasers are currently the most common treatment for chloasma. While there is no guarantee of cure, most beauty seekers are still effective.

  Laser noninvasive can be done at a beauty parlor.

  Laser beauty is icing on the cake, so its safety requirements are very high. However, many beauty salons now offer such services. From the point of view of safety, it is recommended to go less. In the case of photon rejuvenation, many people believe that photons are non-invasive and safe, which means the ignorance of the ignorant. In Lin li’s opinion, the effect of photon skin rejuvenation has a lot to do with equipment and doctor’s experience. The price of photon rejuvenation equipment on the market ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. The difference lies in different photon energy and different stability of equipment. If the intensity of strong pulse light is not stable, it is easy to burn the skin at the peak of light. Secondly, the parameter setting of the device is also very important. To be safe, some people set the parameters too low to be effective. Of course, optimization is both safe and effective. Again, laser beauty varies from person to person, and the patient’s skin color, past medical history and the need to improve the main skin problems. These are things that need to be judged by an experienced doctor. 07 Laser tattoo removal is easy to leave no trace.

  Guided by the hype of beauty agencies, many believe: “Laser tattoo removal can completely remove tattoos, easily removed, and leave no scars.” But once you get a tattoo, you don’t want it removed. There is a slight change after light tattoo treatment and it takes a year and a half to get results, which is a particularly good situation. Colored tattoos often leave scars after laser removal. Before cleaning, feel if the tattoo is flat. If the bump feels like a relief, it can lead to scarring. If it feels flat, postoperative results are always better. In addition, different colors of tattoo removal work differently, as blue, green and other tattoos are not sensitive to light and are often difficult to remove with lasers.

  The younger the skin condition, the better.

  If you have freckles, chloasma, etc. On your face, you can use a laser to make your skin tone more even, and you can also make wrinkles smaller. However, the skin condition is not as wrinkle-free as possible, but natural skin is best. The purpose of hairdressing is to improve the skin gloss, let a person look healthy and relaxed, rather than the pursuit of no wrinkles without marks blindly. Before consumers accept medical cosmetology, they should find a doctor with similar aesthetic standards, and fully communicate the desired treatment effect and cost, so as to obtain the most ideal effect.

   After laser cosmetology, the skin will become thinner.

  First, the laser reduces color spots through selective thermal action, removes dilated small blood vessels, repairs skin damaged by light, and improves skin appearance. The photothermal effect of laser can change the molecular structure of collagen fiber and elastic fiber in the dermis, increase its number, rearrange, restore skin elasticity, thereby reducing wrinkles and narrowing pores. So instead of thinning the skin, it increases its thickness, making it firmer, more elastic and younger. It is important to note that early and poor quality laser devices may thin the skin. However, as laser equipment technology updates, the use of advanced first-class brand laser equipment will not make the skin thinner.

  After laser cosmetology, the skin will become sensitive.

  After laser hairdressing, the moisture of epidermis can be reduced inside short time, perhaps corneous layer is damaged, or the laser that cutin treats can form scab, but all “damage” inside controllable range, can heal. The new healing skin has a complete mechanism and the function of replacing the old with the new, so the scientific laser beauty will not make the skin sensitive. At the same time, after the use of laser skin care, attention should be paid to daily care to ensure that the skin is smooth and elastic.

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