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Stop it! After reading these, depilate!!

However, shaving body hair every day is really annoying, wax depilation is very painful, and depilation cream has the risk of allergy. Many girls turn their attention to laser depilation! But is laser hair removal really as safe as advertised? Will it hurt the skin? Will perspiration affect? Are there any side effects? Let our doctor answer for the ladies and sisters.

Q: what is the principle of depilation?

A: to understand the principle of hair removal, we must first understand the principle of hair growth. Hair cycle generally includes growth period, degenerative period and quiescent period. After the rest period, the dead hair follicle falls off, and another hair follicle is born to start a new growth cycle. Therefore, depilation is mainly aimed at the hair in the growth period, so that most of the hair is in the degenerative and resting period, and the purpose of depilation is achieved.

Q: what is the difference between laser hair removal and shaving, pulling, waxing and hair removal cream?

A: laser hair removal is based on the principle of selective photothermal dynamics. The laser adjusted to a specific wavelength and energy is used to irradiate the hair follicle through the epidermis, so that the thermal effect can stimulate the hair follicle, so as to remove hair for a long time.

Q: then why is the effect of laser hair removal in some institutions not good, and even hurt the skin?

A: laser hair removal is the same. Different operations may affect the hair removal effect, such as the following factors:

  1. Wavelength. Choosing the right wavelength and operating properly can make laser hair removal achieve a better effect, and basically will not cause damage to the skin. On the contrary, it may burn the skin. For example, some customers who come to us for skin repair have skin rash due to improper operation and other reasons.
  2. Energy density. This word may be a little out of the way. In short, professional doctors will dispatch the most suitable energy and will not make beauty lovers feel uncomfortable.
  3. The number of depilation is also related to the depilation effect. The better the depilation effect, the less the number of depilation.
  4. Theoretically, the hair growth cycle of different parts is different, and the interval time of laser hair removal is also different. The shorter the stationary period, the shorter the interval time of hair removal can be relatively shortened, so it doesn’t come only once in a few months, which may also affect the effect of hair removal.
  5. The lighter the skin color, the darker and thicker the hair, and the more obvious the depilation effect. For light or white hair, photoelectric combination technology is required to achieve better hair removal effect.

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