The most advanced tattoo cleaning technology in the world

  Many people regret getting tattoos when they were young and impulsive. It was fashionable at the time, but now I think it hurt my public image and hindered my career. They all want to get their tattoos removed.

  In the past, except for tattoos, it was usually freezing, co2 laser, surgery. The common drawback of these treatments is that they are difficult to remove completely, and the biggest problem is scarring after treatment.

  After the tattoo, regret? Let’s take a look at some of the most advanced tattoo cleaning techniques in the world.

  Hrmora laser tattoo removal machine how to wash the tattoo?

  At present, the world’s most advanced new q-switched pulse gem laser is controlled by computer for treatment. The laser can penetrate the skin above the damaged area and enter the damaged area very smoothly. The tattoo pigment in the damaged area is vaporized and shattered by the powerful laser, making the tattoo pale. In general, shallow stings can yield significant results or even complete elimination at one time, while deep stings usually require multiple treatments.

  Due to the therapeutic effect and the nature of tattoo dye has a great relationship, generally speaking, grain eyebrow, eyeliner used dye particles are relatively fine, dye components are relatively pure. Therefore, the treatment effect is significant, most of them can be obviously or completely subsided after 2-3 treatments, and some complex brambles can also be subsided after 4-5 treatments. As for ordinary tattoos, the pigment used is mostly ordinary ink. Not only is the grain coarse, but there are many impurities, which are more difficult to deal with than eyebrows and eyeliner. It usually takes five to six times to clear completely, and some patients may need longer treatment.

  In addition, the treatment of colored tattoos is more difficult and requires more treatments, with an interval of three months. Since the laser hardly damages the skin, it generally leaves no scars and can completely restore the skin’s natural color. However, some people with scar constitution may have scar reaction, so patients should tell their doctor about this condition before treatment.

  After the tattoo, regret? Let’s take a look at some of the most advanced tattoo cleaning techniques in the world.

  There are great individual differences in how the body responds to laser treatment, with each patient having a mild or severe condition, so the number of treatments for each person also varies greatly. Due to the characteristics of Asian skin, individual patients may develop pigmentation. Doctors often take precautions to avoid pigmentation to reduce its occurrence. Even if individual patients develop pigmentation, it will disappear on its own within a few months without special treatment. Because the visual judgment of color is relatively slow, you may feel the effect of treatment only when the color of the lesion disappears by about 50%. Generally speaking, if the protocyan turns brown after a single treatment, the pigment has faded by 50%. There may be varying degrees of skin edema in the treated area (depending on the individual), and there may be slight bleeding, which is a normal response to treatment. If you regret it, be prepared to endure the fire of hell.

  Most people get tattoos because they don’t feel much pain. But removing a tattoo is probably several times more painful! Before laser tattoo removal, apply anaesthetic cream to the tattoo and stay there for more than 40 minutes. When the first laser hit it turned into a gray patch, it felt like someone had burned meat close to the bone with a cigarette end, a very deep burning sensation. This is because laser tattoo removal is deeper than laser spot removal. If your tattoo comes in different colors and some colors (like red and green) are difficult to remove, you’ll need to make it darker and more frequent.

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