Laser photon lip hair removal

Never use tools to pull and scrape the lip hair, which will damage the skin of the lip and cause relaxation and sensitivity. To remove lip hair, you can take temporary depilation cream, permanent photon depilation and permanent laser depilation.

Temporary hair removal cream

The method of cleaning the sweat around the lip with depilatory cream is very similar to that of removing the body hair of other parts of the body. Remember to tighten the pores with astringent water after removing the lip hair. In addition, cucumber juice is a very natural and effective astringent water. In addition, if you can use some products to inhibit hair growth, the effect will be better, because the skin on the lips is fragile, and it is best not to deal with sensitive skin by yourself, but you can go to the beauty salon.

Permanent photon lip hair removal

The principle of photon lip hair removal is to use the growth cycle of hair to completely remove hair after three times of light damage to hair follicles. Photon lip hair removal also has the effect of rejuvenation, which can kill two birds with one stone. The price of photon lip hair removal is about 1000-1200 yuan.

Permanent laser hair removal

The principle of directional irradiation with a laser is to destroy the melanin in the hair follicle by using the action of light and heat. The principle is similar to photon hair removal, but it is more effective for the fine villi around the lip. The price of laser lip hair removal is about 1000-1200 US dollars.

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