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Laser hair removal is popular in summer

In summer, many beautiful women will be troubled by “exuberant” body hair. During the interview, the reporter learned that since the beginning of summer, women’s “hair removal” intention has been significantly enhanced, and laser hair removal has become the choice of many beautiful women. So, what is the effect of laser hair removal? Does it hurt? Will perspiration affect? The reporter interviewed Qin, director of cosmetic surgery of burn and plastic medicine of Shaanxi Provincial People’s hospital.

The hair removal effect is good, and some can achieve permanent hair removal

Ms. sun, who lives in the southern suburbs, is the front desk customer service of a company. At the age of 27, she looks white, but after wearing a short sleeved skirt, the hair on her arms and legs is particularly conspicuous, which makes her very upset. “I used to shave myself, but the coarser I scraped, so I just made a laser this year. I feel good,” Ms. Sun said.

“Recently, the number of women depilated has increased significantly,” director Qin told reporters. Since April and may, there has been an increasing number of laser beauty clinics in hospitals, many of which are laser depilators. Traditional methods such as hair stripping, waxing, tweezers, mechanical hair removal and chemical hair removal only remove the hair temporarily, and the hair will regenerate soon, and often grow thicker and faster. Therefore, more and more people tend to choose the long-term hair removal method – laser hair removal. There are many kinds of laser hair removal machines. At present, the hospital uses super freezing point hair removal laser, which can permanently remove the excess hair on the surface of the human body. It is suitable for the excess body hair in many parts of the body, such as lip hair, beard, hairline, armpit hair, trunk and limbs. The hair removal process is safe and comfortable, and there is almost no obvious pain in the whole process.

It will not damage the perspiration function, but it needs to be done 2-3 times

Many people worry that laser hair removal will affect perspiration. For this, director Qin explained that hair follicles and sweat glands are two independent tissues. Body hair grows from hair follicles, while sweat glands grow next to hair follicles. Therefore, sweat glands and hair follicles are only neighbors and “independent households”. Laser hair removal is aimed at the melanin in hair follicles, which has no effect on sweat glands. Therefore, it is unnecessary to worry that laser hair removal will affect perspiration.

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