Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

Laser hair removal gives you beautiful skin

For beauty lovers, too much or too little hair will annoy them. As for the symptoms of hairiness, it will bring embarrassment to beauty loving women in many aspects. Obviously, depilation is very necessary.

With the application of laser technology in the beauty industry, in the face of the trouble of too much hair, it can also be improved by laser.

Principle of laser hair removal:

Laser hair removal treatment is to destroy hair follicles by selectively absorbing specific wavelength laser by melanin in hair follicles and exchanging heat energy. The energy of the laser can enter the hair follicle along the hair rod. The hair follicle is damaged by the energy and the hair stops growing. Because about 15-20% of the energy of this laser can penetrate the dermis of the whole skin, it has selective thermal damage to the epidermis and deeper hair follicles with melanin, denaturing and shrinking hair follicles and achieving permanent hair removal effect.

Characteristics of all digital stereo color laser hair removal

Safety: the original imported equipment from the United States has passed the FDA certification. Hair removal is safe and fast, does not damage the skin and sweat glands, and does not scab and have no side effects after treatment.

Painless: with cooling device, the treatment and cooling can be carried out simultaneously, and the depilation is easy and painless.

Permanent: the principle of light selectivity can be used to permanently remove the hair in the growth period. The removed hair will not regenerate and completely eliminate the hair.

Fast: depending on the treatment area, the fastest time is only 5 minutes, which does not affect work and life. It is known as “lunch break” beauty.

Specialty: the doctors and dermatologists of the professional laser beauty hospital must work together to formulate a perfect treatment plan.

Depilation range: lip hair, beard, chest hair, back hair, arm hair, leg hair, bikini line and other excess hair.

From the international frontier report of skin beautifying medicine: American science and medicine company made another strong attack in 2006. With its high-end technical positioning, all digital three-dimensional color light LPL skin beautifying instrument integrates today’s hot technologies and powerful function combination to reproduce the king’s style and skin beautifying effect.

The four advantages have the highest curative effect, more comprehensively inhibit color precipitation, efficient repair, clear spots and light spots, natural whitening, bacteriostasis and detoxification, and the five effects compound make the skin return to a perfect state. More safe, ultra-high speed repair of damaged skin, ultra efficient whitening and firming, ultra soft light can improve skin quality, cool the whole process, treat comfortably and painlessly, more efficient maintenance and treatment are synchronized, shield and block pigment deposition and inhibit rebound. The treatment efficiency is 3.5 times faster than that of similar products. More accurate and unique filter identification technology, built-in calibration system, condense high-purity light wave, go deep into 240 micron dermis at a high speed, and reach the affected area directly.

  1. Hair removal and pore contraction are carried out simultaneously. Special light waves go directly to the deep dermis and subcutaneous adipose tissue, act on hair follicles at different parts and depths, and directly remove hair at any depth.
  2. Act on hair follicles at a speed of 1.5 square centimeters per second, accurately locate, destroy hair follicle tissue, inhibit hair regeneration and achieve the purpose of permanent hair removal.

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