Is laser hair removal safe? Is laser hair removal permanent?

From the perspective of smooth skin and reducing indecency, we hope that the less hair on the body and face, the better. Therefore, over the years, a large number of hair removal methods have been introduced, such as simple hair scraping, later hair removal methods such as hair removal cream and wax, electroacupuncture and now excellent laser hair removal.

The traditional hair pulling and scraping methods can only act on the hair stem and can’t do anything about the hair follicle, so there will be repeated growth. It often needs to be scraped again soon, and improper operation will damage the skin and even folliculitis. The ingredients used in depilatory cream may cause skin sensitivity, and the effect may not be ideal. The process of wax depilation is unbearable pain for many people. After experiencing these unsatisfactory hair removal methods, we finally found a new standard of hair removal, laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal

Principle of laser hair removal

As early as the 1960s, Goldman l described the destructive effect of ruby laser on hair follicle melanin. At that time, this effect was only studied as one of the side effects of laser. Later, in the 1980s, after the principle of selective photothermal effect was put forward, laser hair removal finally became an ideal means to reduce hair clinically.

Laser or strong light hair removal uses the thermal effect of laser to destroy the stem cells, hair follicles and hair nipples of hair follicles, so that the instantaneous temperature of these parts is more than 55 degrees, resulting in the denaturation of proteins in these structures, temporarily or for a long time, affecting the growth function of hair follicles, making hair follicles lose favorable growth conditions and permanently reducing hair.

The laser in laser hair removal takes the melanin in hair follicle and hair stem as the target. When melanin selectively absorbs light energy, the local temperature rises sharply, and the hair follicle tissue will be destroyed, which can achieve the purpose of permanent hair removal. Moreover, the thermal damage of laser hair removal can be limited to the target tissue, that is, the hair follicle containing melanin, so it will not cause damage to the surrounding tissue. It should be noted that for the skin in the treatment area, if you have been exposed to the sun or used other hair removal methods within 4 weeks, or have infection or herpes simplex, it is recommended to suspend laser hair removal.

Because laser hair removal does not destroy hair follicles one by one, but strikes all structures that can absorb wavelengths in the irradiation area, the process is relatively simple. However, it is required to avoid omission or repeated irradiation in the operation process. At the same time, it is also required to adjust the energy according to different people’s skin color and hair thickness. Therefore, this is a meticulous work with high requirements and theoretical knowledge of the operator, Experience and patience are tests.

Compared with the traditional shaving, beeswax and chemical hair removal methods, laser hair removal can achieve the purpose of permanent hair removal, but it generally needs multiple treatments. Laser hair removal is a medical behavior, which must be carried out in regular medical institutions. If it is not operated by people, there may be the risk of scald, pigment change after inflammation, and even scar.

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