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Is depilation harmful to the body?

When I think of summer, I think of Meimei’s dress. The original exciting thing is that I can’t help crying when I see the hairy star man himself. How many fairies are baffled by small hair. What shaving cream, honey wax paper and depilation cream are more spicy Jimei pulled out by yourself. Listening to the foolish fox, he feels the pain in his pores. In order to share the worries of the fairies, the foolish fox sorted out the hair removal knowledge that the fairies care about and took notes!

***Hair removal 1 Laser hair removal

The principle of laser hair removal is that the laser passes through the surface of the skin to the root follicle of the hair, destroys the hair follicle tissue and makes the hair grow no longer. The advantage of laser hair removal is that it can achieve long-term hair removal after many courses of treatment, and the speed is relatively fast. Generally, it takes 4-5 courses of treatment.

  1. Freezing point depilation

Freezing point depilation is an excellent depilation method at present. The freezing point semiconductor laser depilation instrument is used to inactivate hair follicles in a mild way to achieve the effect of depilation. The feature is that it can cool and painless hair removal in a large area and effectively protect the surrounding skin.

These two methods are harmless to the body!

Suggestion: if you are not in a hurry to depilate and are afraid of too much pain in laser depilation, it is recommended to do freezing point depilation~

Pay attention before depilation

  1. Exfoliation should be done well to reduce the occurrence of folliculitis. But don’t depilate immediately after exfoliation. It’s better to depilate in 2-3 days.
  2. It will be better to take a hot bath an hour before hair removal, remove excess oil and open pores to facilitate faster hair removal.
  3. Before depilation, you can sprinkle a small amount of talcum powder on the skin to absorb the surface oil and protect the skin.

Pay attention after depilation

  1. After depilation, you must do a good job in sunscreen to avoid pigmentation and dark skin.
  2. Soothe the skin with some gentle moisturizing body milk to avoid the skin becoming too dry and fragile.

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