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Is color light depilation safe? Can color light depilation depilate permanently

In the past, when we mentioned light depilation, we only knew that laser depilation was expensive and painful, but now when we mentioned light depilation, some people first thought of IPL color depilation. The following No. 5 network Xiaobian will take you to see if color depilation is safe? Can you strip permanently?

Is color light depilation safe

It is very safe to use the color light depilator correctly.

Color light depilation is milder than laser depilation, and has a rejuvenating effect on the skin.

When you buy back a color light depilator, the first thing is to read the manual to see what its use methods and precautions are. After confirming that it is correct, you don’t have to worry about injury. In addition, we must identify the brand to buy, do not buy three no products, this kind of light depilator is likely to contain ultraviolet rays, which will aggravate skin pigmentation.

Can color light depilation permanently depilate

Color light depilation can achieve the same long-term depilation effect as laser depilation. However, the permanent depilation effect you expect does not exist. The correct statement should be long-term depilation, that is, it can make most of the hair no longer grow, and some of the hair grow out is very small and thin, which is basically invisible. Laser hair removal can achieve this effect, and color light hair removal can also be achieved, but it must be used according to the cycle specified by the hair removal instrument.

Principle of color light depilation

Light has energy. After being absorbed, light is transformed into heat energy. Especially when it is irradiated on black objects, the absorbed and transformed heat energy is higher! For example, if a black dress and a white dress are dried outdoors, black clothes will be hotter than white clothes. If we continuously increase the intensity of light, at a certain intensity, the temperature of black clothes is high enough to burn, but white clothes are still OK.

IPL color light depilation actually uses the principle of “selective photothermal effect” to remove hair. Through the absorption of light energy by melanin at the bottom of the skin, the hair follicle temperature rises rapidly, which destroys and loses the ability of hair regeneration. At present, Yameng is a better brand to use this technology. It innovatively launched Yameng reibeaute color light rejuvenation hair removal technology, which covers a complete hair removal band, but at the same time, it safely avoids harmful bands, so it is safer to use it.

Color light depilation has a rejuvenating effect on the skin

Compared with the stimulation of laser hair removal, color light hair removal technology will also have the effect of beautifying and rejuvenating the skin. IPL is a kind of broad-spectrum light formed by focusing and filtering with a high-intensity light source. After irradiating the skin, it will have two effects: one is to decompose melanin, depilate, lighten spots and whiten, and the other is to stimulate collagen, tighten and tender the skin.

Color light depilation is safe and can achieve long-term depilation effect. The fairies who are tired of repeatedly using hair removal cream and hair removal knife can try this kind of household hair removal instrument, which will absolutely amaze you!

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