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How often is the pulse light depilator used? Precautions for pulse light depilator

Using the instrument to depilate is the most time-saving and labor-saving choice. Although it can’t depilate permanently, it can take a long time. Everyone will buy the depilator to depilate themselves. One of the most popular is the pulse light depilator. Let’s take a look at how often the pulse light depilator is used?

How often is the pulse light depilator used

This depends on the use stage. The use times of starting and later use are different.

The first stage (2 months): for the first time, use it once every two weeks, stick to it for 2 months (4 times in total), and the hair will be reduced by more than 75%! And it can maintain smooth skin for 8 weeks (depending on the degree of hair growth, each person is slightly different);

The second stage (maintenance stage): depending on the hair growth state, use it once every 4-6 weeks to maintain smooth and beautiful muscles.

Precautions of pulse light depilator

The visible hair on the skin needs to be shaved first to ensure that the pulsed light can be transmitted to the hair follicles efficiently. Alternative pretreatment methods can also include shortening the hair; Avoid using depilatory cream (which may cause side effects); It is recommended to wash the residues that may remain on the skin before using pulsed light depilation. Within 2 weeks before using household pulsed light depilation, avoid tanning the skin due to exposure to the hot sun. After depilation, try to avoid direct exposure to sunlight in the depilated area. You can use SPF30 + fragrance free sunscreen to protect your skin from sunlight.

Which kind of feeling is the best for laser hair removal

Laser: dry skin may appear, redness may appear, accompanied by swelling and pain, which will subside by itself. The pain is strong. Due to the difference of human body, there will be medium and high heat feeling (burning feeling after long-term use) and strong light feeling. IPL: dry skin and possible redness will subside without swelling and pain. Strong sense of light. The pain is equivalent to the pain of a rubber band bouncing on the skin. Mujin’s feather mode can only achieve dormant hair due to reduced energy, but can not discharge the hair follicle out of the body. ELOS: dry skin will appear. Due to the difference of human body surface, there may be a low probability of redness, which will subside by itself. No pain. Due to the difference of human body, there will be medium and low degree of heat (no burning) and strong sense of light.

Is depilation harmful to the body

Depilation is harmful to the body.

Depilation is the use of chemicals to dissolve the hair structure in order to achieve the purpose of depilation. The main component of this preparation is hydrophobic acetic acid (calcium). Sparse acetic acid (calcium) is irritating to the skin. Frequent use or sensitive skin will cause redness, swelling, allergy and even rash. People with sensitive constitution should use it with caution and should not use it in physiological period. Depilation refers to that the body hair is too long or too thick, especially some women’s lips have thick hair, which looks like a beard, which seriously affects the appearance and image of women. Through hair removal technology and products, remove the hair of armpits, legs, hands and other parts to achieve a clean and beautiful effect. At present, due to the pursuit of fashion, some men will also depilate their excessive beard.

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