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How many years can laser depilation last?

Depilation includes temporary depilation and permanent depilation. There are many kinds of temporary hair removal. Common ones, such as honey wax hair removal, have good short-term results, but soon after hair removal, new hair may grow again, so now many people will choose permanent hair removal. Laser hair removal is a commonly used permanent hair removal method. It uses selective light and heat to act on hair follicles and tissues around hair follicles, destroy the growth center of hair, so that hair can no longer grow, so as to achieve the purpose of permanent hair removal. Therefore, laser hair removal, as long as the method is correct and complete, can be maintained for life.

Laser hair removal is a permanent method of hair removal. Some patients hope to improve the appearance of hair prone parts such as face or limbs through laser treatment. However, because the hair follicles grow periodically, only part of the hair can be removed by each laser treatment, so the hair follicles in the incubation period may grow hair again after a few months, so laser treatment may be needed again after treatment, and hair will not grow again after multiple treatments.

This treatment method has very little damage to the skin. So far, no side effects have been reported on laser hair removal of face or limbs. It is technically mature and safe, and patients need not worry. However, it should be noted that laser hair removal is permanent. Once hair removal, long hair will not be regenerated. Therefore, before treatment, we should carefully weigh the pros and cons, especially the hair removal of facial beard or special parts of men.

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