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How many times does laser hair removal need to be carried out? What are the precautions?

The number of depilation should be determined according to the Constitution and position. Generally speaking, the thicker hair is less than the thinner hair. The more hair in the growth period, the less depilation times are required, and the whiter the skin and the darker the hair are, the less depilation times are required.

In addition, the more experienced doctors, the less depilation times.

Laser hair removal needs to be carried out many times

The hair growth cycle is divided into three parts. Laser hair removal only works on the hair follicles in the growth stage, but not on the hair follicles in the static stage and decline stage. Therefore, the ideal effect can be achieved only after 3 ~ 4 times.

Laser hair removal is a long-term process, which is difficult to remove all at one time. Usually, axillary hair and leg hair should be depilated 3 ~ 4 times, with an interval of 4 ~ 5 weeks, and some even 6 ~ 8 weeks. The position of lip hair is special and soft, so it generally needs to be depilated 7 ~ 8 times.

Precautions for laser hair removal

Cold compress after laser hair removal

The thermal injury during laser hair removal may cause a transient reaction to the cortical glands and epidermis, and may also cause temporary erythema (usually subsided after a few hours). Therefore, local cold compress for 30 minutes after treatment can be discharged, and exposure can be avoided within 10 days.

Laser hair removal will still leave small villi

When laser depilation, you will feel a slight sense of acupuncture. After depilation, the number of hair will be significantly reduced, but a very small amount of very light and soft small villi will still be left.

Acne after depilation is a normal phenomenon

The essence of acne is folliculitis. Hair follicles will be damaged by laser during hair removal, so it will induce folliculitis. This is a normal phenomenon, but not everyone will have this reaction, which can be controlled in time through drugs.

Can laser depilation affect sweating?

Laser hair removal mainly acts on hair follicles and has no effect on sweat glands, so it will not affect sweating.

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