diode laser hair removal price

How many days does laser depilate commonly?

Laser hair removal according to the beauty seekers choose different laser instruments, the time interval of hair removal will be different. If you choose a household laser hair removal instrument, it is better to complete laser hair removal once in about 2-3 weeks. If the laser hair removal instrument of a regular hospital is used for laser hair removal, it is recommended to choose a time of about 2-3 months for laser hair removal.

Beauty seekers can choose different time intervals according to their different choices. Too frequent treatment can lead to skin damage, affect local skin stability, and cause local redness, pain and swelling. Therefore, it is suggested that beauty seekers should pay attention to the interval to complete laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal is a very common hair removal method in recent years. It is a common and safe treatment technology for treating hair increasing diseases or removing normal hair on the body surface due to beauty needs. The principle is to use a specific wavelength of laser to directly act on the root of hair follicles, locally destroy hair follicles, and remove hair almost without affecting normal skin or related appendages. This technology is very safe and does not affect fertility, but try not to do laser hair removal during pregnancy. There is no problem with laser hair removal in non fertility period.

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