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Depilate cream depilate really good? You’ll get the idea – HRMORA Permanent hair removal machine

Depilate cream depilate really good? You’ll get the idea

  Hair removal has become a popular item in the summer. No one wants to be a hairy kid in bare-arm and bare-leg season, so they think of all kinds of ways to get rid of their hair.

  However, the use of razor, hair removal cream, hair removal wax and so on. The effect is generally easy to harm the skin, so “laser hair removal” is the choice of many people.

  Principle of laser hair removal.

  Laser hair removal is based on selective photothermal dynamics. Through adjusting laser wavelength, energy and pulse width reasonably, laser can reach the hair follicle that hair root is in through skin surface, light energy is absorbed and transformed into heat energy, destroy hair follicle organization, make the hair loses regeneration ability.

  Let’s take a look at someone using laser hair removal.

  Hairiness: Endocrine disorders cause women to develop thick hair similar to that of men, mainly on the lips, cheeks, chin, neck, hairline, back, arms, legs, etc.

  Congenital hirsutism: Abnormal or normal hairiness of the armpits, arms, lips, legs, hairline, chest, abdomen, back, buttocks, bikini, etc., caused by genetic, racial, or endocrine disorders.

  Plastic surgery: the improvement of personal image. If armpit hair, limbs hairy, lip hair, temples, chest hair, bikini, etc. While using laser hair removal, it can also play a role in moisturizing, tender, smooth and firming.

  In fact, a lot of people do not pay attention to some matters after hair removal, may affect the effect, so the care after treatment is also an essential step.

  Matters needing attention after laser hair removal.

  Wear sunscreen when you go out.

  After laser hair removal, the skin loses its protection function, and the hair follicles are still damaged but not matched. Sensitive, can not be exposed to the sun, otherwise easy to cause pigmentation, resulting in dark skin. The doctor suggests depilate person to be in laser depilate commonly hind must do bask in the job of period of time, avoid the stimulation of strong light. Go out to need to apply natural non-irritating sunscreen lotion, wear sun hat, wear sunscreen clothes, use a variety of sunscreen methods to prevent skin injury.

  Avoid other methods of hair removal.

  After laser depilation treatment, some people find that the depilation part has tiny hair, can use other depilation method to scrape the hair off. This approach is wrong. Because a variety of hair removal methods can reduce the barrier function of the skin, and the skin will become sensitive, resulting in redness and other phenomena. Therefore, after receiving laser hair removal treatment, attention should be paid to avoid using other hair removal products.

  Wear loose cotton clothes.

  After laser hair removal, the skin will become very fragile. After depilation, the pores of the skin are in a state of expansion, easy to be affected by pigment and stimulation. Therefore, don’t wear clothes that fade or get dirty easily, which can cause inflammation of the wound. Try to choose good quality colored cotton clothes.

  Regular review and retreatment.

  Regardless of whether laser or photon hair removal is the preferred method, the armpit hair removal preparation should be performed several times at the beginning, and the treatment should be repeated after regular review. Use proper cleaning methods.

  After laser hair removal surgery, do not use hot water to flush or scrub the hair removal site. After depilation, hot water cleaning and excessive friction should be avoided. The reason is that hot water cleaning and excessive friction will destroy the barrier ability of the skin, resulting in damage to the cuticle, so that the skin of the depilation part is sensitive, and even cause the redness of the depilation part. Therefore, after laser hair removal, beauty people should pay attention to avoid hot water scald and scrub.

  Pay attention to the use of skin care products

  After laser hair removal, the skin will become sensitive. Try not to use cleansers and skin care products on the depilated part for 3 days. After that, choose cleaners and skincare products that are less irritating. Be careful not to use scrubs to avoid skin irritation, inflammation and infection.

  Eat a light diet.

  After laser hair removal, diet can not be ignored. Avoid spicy foods such as chillies, peppers, ginger, mustard, etc. So as not to affect the recovery of depilated parts. Take vitamin C tablets, as well as vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C, such as broccoli, scrambled eggs with tomatoes, kiwi fruit, lemon and so on. Vitamin C supplements can improve skin resistance, help whiten skin and reduce pigmentation.

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