Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

Do you really understand laser hair removal?

Hair has a protective effect. For example, when wind and rain strike, the scarlet mother scarlet treasure has nowhere to hide and holds her head with her hands, so that the rain can flow down the hair on her arms, and there will be no “cold and cold rain slapping on her face”, nor “warm tears mixed with cold rain”.

For humans, hair is basically decoration. However, in addition to hair, hair in other parts of the body has become a “burden” for girls, thinking about how to remove it all day.

There are many ways to depilate: wax depilation, shaving and depilation cream in life are temporary. The long-term method of thermal dissolution has not withstood the test of history and the masses. Let’s not mention it. Today we mainly talk about laser depilation.

Why can laser depilate?

We all know that black things absorb light, and hair follicles happen to contain melanin. In this way, the hair follicle will absorb light, convert light into heat, and heat will destroy the hair follicle. So when the bag is gone, where will the hair be?

Is laser depilation permanent?

The current technology can only make the vast majority (more than 90%) of hair take off, and the hair that cannot be taken off becomes small. However, due to the existence of hair follicle stem cells or other stem cells, some hairs will always grow tenaciously in a few years. Of course, this number is very small

Can laser hair removal affect perspiration?

Sweat hairs and sweat glands seem to be related to sweat, but they are only neighbors, not a family. Without hair on the palm, you can still sweat like pulp. Will the fire at the city gate affect the fish in the pond? This is the key and the highest place of laser hair removal technology. By setting the heat injury time, the light and heat are limited to the hair follicle to prevent excessive damage to sweat glands and other tissues, so it will not affect sweating.

Can laser depilation be finished at one time?

After one treatment of laser hair removal, there are three outcomes: minor injury, recovery after rest and re growth; Serious injury, prolonged breathing, permanent atrophy of hair follicles and formation of fine bristles; Casualties, hair follicles were damaged, hair disappeared, but there were also cases of false death (the stationary period was particularly long), which appeared as fur after years. Therefore, it is impossible to finish it at one time. It usually takes 3-8 times.

Can you escape this robbery? It depends on the degree of injury

Does depilation hurt?

It must hurt, but the degree is different. Just think about the principle. Light turns into heat and heat damages hair follicles. Nerve endings that feel pain happen to be distributed in the epidermis and hair follicles… What about freezing point painless hair removal? It just doesn’t hurt much or basically.

Is depilation safe?

Now the depilation technology is relatively mature. According to the formal operation, there is generally no problem. Common adverse reactions: pain, erythema, hair follicle edema, occasionally complicated with folliculitis. There are also damaging risks such as blisters, pigmentation, discoloration and scars.

Laser hair removal does not operate without bleeding, and the entry threshold is low. Many life beauty shops also secretly carry out laser hair removal. However, you should always keep in mind that laser hair removal is a medical beauty project, because there are requirements for indications and parameter settings. The foundation of beauty is always safety.

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