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Do you know why you use laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is to let the light wave penetrate into the skin, and use the heat brought by the light wave to gently act on the horse sac cells, so that the hair cells gradually lose their living name, affect the growth of the hair stem, prevent the hair stem from growing again, and keep the skin hairless.

The single screen multifunctional hair removal instrument has fast hair removal safety and good effect. Moreover, through a variety of ultra pulse width lasers with different wavelengths, it has stronger penetration and better absorption of black cesium. Laser hair removal can effectively remove hair at any part and extension, without hurting the skin and leaving bar marks at all

What are the working principles of single screen multifunctional hair removal instrument?

Opt depilation principle

The principle of OPT photon hair removal is to use the strong pulse light with a wide spectrum of 610-1000nm, and the adjustable pulse width range is wide. Therefore, it can carry out sustained hair removal on the skin and hair of various parts of the human body with different colors and different elongation

Principle of eliminating class

The deep skin pigment is extracted and analyzed by intense pulsed light. RF RF is used to promote its discharge from Limba, and part of it is discharged by itself through skin metabolism

Whitening, wrinkle removing, pore shrinking and lifting principle

Strong pulsed light combined with RF RF is used to stimulate the fibroblast tissue of skin needle cortex, promote the proliferation of collagen and accelerate the rearrangement of cell tissue, so as to achieve the effects of whitening, wrinkle removal and pore shrinkage

Principle of removing red blood filaments

Using strong pulsed light to coagulate the capillaries of skin lesions, RF RF can accurately lock the lesion site, so that pulsed light can play a stronger role. It can be removed through the metabolism of skin and Limba. The blood vessels made of red blood filaments are clear, and the color effect is good

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