Do you have laser depilation pain? Don’t do it if you’re afraid of pain

“Laser depilation” is a hot depilation method. Compared with simple and rough shaving devices, depilatory creams and beeswax, laser depilation has the characteristics of high safety, significant effect and permanence, which has been selected by more and more people. Let’s take a look at the small braid of No. 5 network. Does laser hair removal have pain? Don’t do it if you’re afraid of pain.

Is laser depilation painful

Laser hair removal, it really hurts! About I am not pain tolerant. I feel that the laser is really a bit of BIU. A bit of BIU goes into my armpit like a needle. The skin under the armpit belongs to the thin stratum corneum. The pain is really real. Well, I admit that I don’t want to do it again after four times because I feel too painful. However, it is said that the pain is also related to the thickness of your hair. The last two times, the hair became lighter and lighter, and the pain became less and less dense. Axillary depilation I feel that the doctor is looking at the pores, facing an area by area. So you’ll hear “BIU! BIU! BIU!” A little noise. Once I watched the depilation of lower arms and legs. I held a laser gun (well, you know what I said) and directly pressed it on the depilation area to shoot back and forth. So the sound is “biubiubiubiubiu” very dense. Don’t worry, even if the axillary laser is painful, it will take about ten to twenty minutes to finish on both sides (it may be shorter, after all, I spend as many seconds as years). When the doctor stopped his laser gun, I felt like I couldn’t close my arms for the rest of my life… Finally, she took out two water bags made of surgical gloves from the refrigerator, that is, the postoperative ice pack.

Is laser hair removal safe

It’s still relatively safe. Laser hair removal will act on the hair follicle at a fixed point and only destroy the hair follicle. Although it sounds a little idealistic, we still need some confidence in the development of modern science and technology. But there are also precautions and side effects. For example, after depilation, you should also pay attention to avoiding light. Scar constitution and skin diseases may not be suitable for depilation. If the side effects are reported in the literature, there are redness, swelling, color depression, scars, etc., but they are relatively rare, and many will subside by themselves. On the whole, depilation is a safer project. However, the most important thing is to find a regular medical institution to do it (this is true for all medical and aesthetic plastic surgery projects), and consult a doctor in advance about possible side effects.

Knowledge points about household laser hair removal

1) For whom?

For people with light skin color and dark hair color, the depilation effect is relatively better. People with dark skin have a higher probability of skin damage. People with light hair basically have no effect.

2) The safety of orange light and red light is high

The wavelength of household laser is 810nm, which belongs to the range of red light, such as tria and silkpro. Household strong light belongs to orange light, and those of red light are iluminage, Philips 2009 and ilight.

3) The depilation effect is inferior to that of hospital professional equipment

Household hair remover can temporarily delay and reduce hair growth, which can only damage hair follicles. After stopping, hair will grow back slowly. The hospital professional hair removal equipment can remove hair for a long time.

4) Side effects

Light is one of the objects to be defended by the skin. The light of household hair removal instrument will have an unknown impact on the skin. The visible side effect is that the skin may be red and tingling. Invisible side effects may damage normal cells. So, just let it go.

Principle of laser hair removal

The principle of laser hair removal is: selective photothermal theory. In human words, hair follicles and hair are rich in melanin. The darker the material (melanin) absorbs light energy, it will produce more heat, and the temperature will rise sharply, resulting in the destruction of the surrounding hair follicle tissue and the removal of hair. This is like the sun in winter. At the same time, people dressed in black are hotter than people dressed in white. Did you think of something? If the hair is white, can the laser still work? Obviously not. White hair contains no melanin! In the same way, light colored hair contains a small amount of melanin, and the effect of laser will be discounted.

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