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Can the pulse light depilator be permanent? Can the pulse light depilator eliminate hair

Although the hair of Asians is not exuberant, it is our Oriental aesthetic trend to have smooth skin. Therefore, in summer, if you want to go out of the street to attract eyes, you must depilate. What kind of depilation method is the best! Xiaobian’s survey found that the depilator is the most cost-effective choice. Let’s take Xiaobian of network 5 to see if the pulse light depilator can be permanent?

Can pulse light depilator last forever

impossible! In a word, the hair removal effect is different from that of people in the world. In a word, the hair removal effect of some people is different from that of others. Even if you go to the hospital, the hair removal effect will not be good, No hair removal method is permanent.

How about pulsed light depilation

Pulsed light has good hair removal effect.

Although pulsed light depilation will not cause permanent damage to hair follicles, it can accelerate hair aging, effectively depilate and maintain the normal function of hair follicles. It is a green and healthy way of hair removal. Moreover, using a mild pulse light hair remover, you can operate it at home without paying expensive fees. Please ask a professional organization to do it. Pulsed light depilation refers to that under mild pulsed light irradiation, melanin in the skin absorbs light, converts it into heat and transfers it to hair follicles. Hair follicles enter the dormancy period through heating and fall off naturally within a period of time.

Is the depilator safe

Household products have low energy, but they should also choose professional brands to be safe.

All energy beauty therapeutic instruments have more or less certain risk factors. For example, it is reported from time to time that someone does photon hair removal and burn in the beauty salon, which is often caused by excessive energy due to unprofessional operation. However, in unprofessional places, the energy is adjusted too low for “safety”. Although it will not burn, the effect of beauty therapy is also affected. I have always said that to do medical beauty therapy, you must go to a regular hospital or medical beauty clinic. However, now many medical and aesthetic projects with relatively low technical content are becoming more and more household. Hair removal and low-energy maintenance level phototherapy can be completed at home as long as there are reliable instruments.

Which part of the hair removal effect is the best

The armpit is the best. There’s basically no one left. I haven’t bothered to wear a vest in summer for more than ten years. The legs are also good. Don’t worry about the dark and long hair twisting around in the silk stockings – it’s even more ugly than bare legs without silk stockings. The remaining sporadic ones can be pulled out at will; Even if it doesn’t matter, it won’t be noticed. The effect of forearm is slightly poor, leaving a layer of fine fluff. Probably because the hair here is thin and the color is not deep enough. But I said I was basically satisfied. At least this arm will not scare others as soon as it extends out.

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