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Can permanent depilation be achieved in one step?

Roman poet Ovid once advised women, “don’t let goat like hair grow under your armpits and dark beard prevail on your legs.” just as super famous models can’t walk on the T-shaped stage with hair on their legs, their skin must be as smooth as plastic dolls. Now laser hair removal and photon hair removal can insulate you from hair, but you must go through multiple treatments to achieve the effect.

I have a lot of thick hair, which annoys me. I heard that laser hair removal and photon hair removal can remove hair permanently. Can they be done at one time to achieve the effect?

No. This is because human hair also needs metabolism. Its growth cycle is divided into three stages: growth period, regression period and rest period. Every day, old hair will fall off naturally, and new hair will grow gradually. Because the number of hair falling off is roughly balanced with the number of hair growing out, it seems that the number of hair is always so much. In fact, some hair follicles are in a resting period, and no hair comes out of the body surface.

Laser hair removal and photon hair removal mainly work on the hair in the growth stage, and are basically ineffective on the hair in the degenerative stage and resting stage. Treatment must be carried out when this part of hair circulates to the next growth stage, and the hair entering the growth stage is a continuous cycle process, not growing together. Therefore, laser and photon hair removal need to be done 3-5 times, Even more times to achieve better results.

Insulated electroacupuncture can remove the hair in the growth stage and degenerative stage, and there is nothing to do with the hair that has not emerged from the body surface in the resting stage. After we use insulated electroacupuncture to remove all the hair on the body surface, after a period of time, next to the places where the hair follicles have been damaged, the hair follicles in the original resting period will grow one after another, which is an inevitable process. Therefore, it is impossible to remove the hair of the human body at one time, even with insulated electroacupuncture, It also needs to be done about three times to completely remove it.

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