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Can laser hair removal completely eliminate hair? Misunderstanding of laser hair removal

Now when we talk about hair removal, the first thing we think of must be laser hair removal. The effect of laser hair removal is also obvious. It has occupied a dominant position in the domestic beauty and plastic surgery market for so many years.

However, the effect of laser hair removal many people will also think that laser is absolutely the strongest and can be done at one time without worry for life. In fact, this is not as extreme as you think. As the most commonly used laser in the mainstream market, it only has good hair removal effect, but the hair removal cycle is long. We should also pay attention to melanin precipitation, and the price is quite expensive. At the same time, Because the human body has been metabolizing, the laser can only last for a period of time.

Laser hair removal will have some side effects, such as scald, melanin precipitation and rash, which are unavoidable for many people.

Tell you the most common misunderstandings about laser!

1: Hair removal can be done once

Laser hair removal generally takes 6-9 times, so that the hair can be removed completely.

The reason is very simple. There are two reasons. One is that most hair follicles are tied together. The opening is located in the same pore. A hair in the pore grows in one of the three hair follicles, but the laser can only destroy one of the hair follicles in a group at a time.

Another reason is that the growth cycle of hair is divided into growth period, degenerative period and resting period. Laser only has an effect on 75% of the hair with strong melanin in the growth period and 25% of the hair in the degenerative period, but it has no effect on the hair in the resting period. Therefore, in theory, it takes at least 6 times to complete a complete hair removal process.

2: Hair does not grow for life after laser depilation

Laser depilation or intense pulse depilation has the function of permanent depilation, but it is not considered to have no hair for life without a hair.

Because the human body is metabolizing all the time and the cells in the skin and hair have strong ability to repair themselves, the correct understanding of laser permanent hair removal should be that there will be no more hair for a period of time. After the cells in the hair follicle are repaired, the hair will gradually grow again, but it will not be as thick as before.

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