Can laser depilation be cleaned at one time? How many times?

It’s time for the fairies to wear suspenders, show their arms and legs again. Is it a little embarrassing to show their excess “hair”? What should I do? Hair removal! There are a lot of Jimei people who have tried depilatory cream and shaving knife. The effect can be said to be immediate. The fatal disadvantage is that they are repeated and incomplete. It won’t take long. Are there always misunderstandings among Jimei people about laser hair removal? Can you take it off at one time? Wait… Stay here and lead us: can laser hair removal be cleaned at one time? How many times?

Laser hair removal method

Many people think it’s OK to take it off once, but the fact is that it needs to be treated many times. In fact: laser hair removal method 3-5 times, with an interval of about a month. But is that really the case? NO! The growth cycle of hair follicles is different with different parts and physique. The parts where the hair removal capsule grows fast, such as axillary hair, can be used for 3-5 times, but the slow parts, such as lip hair, need about 10 times. The interval also depends on the speed of the growth cycle. If the cycle is long, it will be extended accordingly. The interval of 2-3 months is possible.

However, do ten times of laser hair removal method friends do not worry, because each time you do laser hair removal is equivalent to you doing free color light rejuvenation, your skin will become more and more white and tender, but the laser beauty salon will suffer a lot.

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