Can boys use LPL pulsed light depilator? Is pulsed light depilation safe

Summer is coming. If you wear less clothes, you need to depilate your legs. There are many depilation products on the market. The most commonly used product is direct shaving, but the depilation instrument, as the most thorough and convenient instrument, is becoming more and more popular. Let’s take a look at the LPL pulse light depilation instrument. Can boys use it?

Can boys use LPL pulse light depilator

Yes, LPL pulsed light hair remover is designed and optimized for girls, but it is also suitable for boys.

Although pulsed light depilation will not cause permanent damage to hair follicles, it can accelerate hair aging, effectively depilate and maintain the normal function of hair follicles. It is a green and healthy way of hair removal. Moreover, using a mild pulse light hair remover, you can operate it at home without paying expensive fees. Please ask a professional organization to do it.

Is pulsed light depilation safe

Pulsed light only acts on hair follicles. Orange light and red light with a wavelength of 575 nm can go deep into hair follicles through the filter of PL pulsed light depilator to complete depilation. Light in other bands will be filtered in large quantities, so it is relatively safe for the skin and will not cause great harm. There will be a slight burning feeling when using it, which feels like a rubber band bouncing. However, special attention should be paid: it is strictly prohibited to look directly at the treatment window, otherwise the eyes will be injured.

Pulse light depilation method

  1. Wash the skin to ensure that the skin is in a normal and normal state;
  2. IPL pulse light hair remover has five adjustable pulse light energy settings, which can be adjusted to the gear most suitable for your skin color, and can conduct safe irradiation gently and efficiently. It is applicable to the arms, legs, armpits and other body parts, not to the face and private parts;
  3. When dealing with the underarm area, just press the Philips IPL pulse light depilator completely on the skin, and the flashing indicator light indicates that the product is in full contact with the skin for flashing; Generally, the time of dealing with the armpits of both arms is 2-3 minutes;
  4. When handling the legs, place the IPL pulse light depilator on the skin at 90 ° and press it gently to ensure that the equipment is in full contact with the skin; Generally, the time of dealing with both legs is 15 minutes in total;
  5. Press the flash button and slide the device to the next area after each flash.

The difference between laser depilation and intense pulsed light depilation

  1. Intense pulsed light

Also known as color light depilation, referred to as IPL. Intense pulsed light is the leader of optical hair removal technology. The light emitted by it is light within a certain wavelength. The more popular bands in the market are 640-900nm and 640-1200nm. There is little difference between the two. Because it is not a fixed wavelength, the energy in the primary luminescence process gradually decreases during the treatment process, and laser hair removal is a fixed wavelength, so the energy in the primary luminescence process remains unchanged, which is the biggest difference between the two technologies. I will introduce it in detail later. Because of this, the effect of pulsed light in treating light hair color is not very ideal.

You can compare the famous Fitzpatrick skin type to see what kind of skin you belong to. Asians generally fall into three or four categories. There is generally no problem with strong pulse therapy.

  1. Laser hair removal

This range is relatively wide. First list some popular laser hair removal technologies in the market.

a. Alexandrite laser, also known as alexandrite laser, has a wavelength of 755nm.

b. The general wavelength of semiconductor laser is 808nm or 810nm

c. Long pulse laser with a wavelength of 1064nm

In fact, now most choose to depilate with freezing point.

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