How many ways do you know how to remove armpit hair?

  It’s summer again, and it’s time to wear short-sleeved shorts. Finally put on the newly bought overalls and hot pants. When I raised my arm, I found a piece of “Black Forest” and suddenly felt that my painting style was out of line.

  Going home to consult the young lady’s hair removal question, got many different answers, some said that shaving a beard is enough, some said that the wax can grow slowly, and some suggested laser hair removal.

  First, shave.

  There are generally two types of shaving, one is to shave directly with a razor, and the other is to shave after softening with depilatory cream.

  (1) Shaver.

  This is the easiest way, but it grows quickly after scraping. And many people report that they always grow longer and more after shaving, and their hair will become thicker too!

  The fact is that it hasn’t become bigger and bigger.

  The reason is that the hair ends are thin and the roots are thick, so it becomes thicker and darker. Moreover, the number of hair follicles is fixed, so they won’t grow out of thin air without shaving them once.

  Suggestion: Do not touch any water on the shaving area. You can cut your hair short first, and then shave it with an electric razor, so that it is not easy to scratch the skin. After shaving, use body lotion to care for your skin.

  Be careful not to share the shaver with others, and clean and disinfect it regularly.

  (2)After softening, scrape off the depilatory cream.

  The principle of hair removal cream is to dissolve the hair through the ingredients similar to the hair, but the composition of the human epidermis is also similar to the hair, so it will also produce a certain degree of irritation to the skin, and may even cause contact dermatitis, folliculitis and other problems.

  Sensitive muscles must be used with caution. If used, it is best to use it in a small area.

  People with normal skin should not use hair removal cream frequently, up to twice a week.

  Do not stay on the skin for too long, wash it in time, and apply a lotion to take care of the skin.

  It is best not to use hair removal cream on sensitive areas.

  Second, plucking hair.

  Tweezers, beeswax and other tools are generally used for plucking. The disadvantage is that it hurts. The advantage is that you don’t need to pluck the hair in January or February.

  But plucking hair is very easy to cause folliculitis. Bacteria easily invade the hair follicles after plucking the hair, and beeswax remains on the skin, which can easily irritate the skin and cause the hair follicles to become swollen and inflamed.

  If the hair follicle becomes inflamed after plucking, you can use some antibiotic ointment to reduce the inflammation. If the symptoms are severe, you must go to the hospital for medical treatment.

  There, laser hair removal.

  The principle of laser hair removal is to destroy the hair follicle cells by laser, the pain is not obvious, and there are few adverse reactions. It is currently the safest and long-lasting hair removal method. Generally, a medical hair removal is performed once in 2-3 months, and a semi-permanent hair removal effect can be produced after about 5 times. From the third time (approximately the sixth month), the new hair is no longer obvious.

  Hair removal in beauty salons, laser hair removal devices sold on the Internet, are not as powerful as laser medical hair removal in hospitals. They need to go more often. They can only play the role of dormant hair follicles, but cannot play a destructive role.

  Laser hair removal is not 100% safe. Some skin will have white spots after laser hair removal. Vitiligo is caused by excessive laser energy, which may cause pigmentation and so on. Pay attention to avoid infection after laser hair removal, take a bath after 24 hours, avoid excessive water temperature, avoid sauna and other activities, and keep the treatment area dry.

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